Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Sayonara, Sterling

Kana, as a clown? No laughing matter, I'd say
Photo Credit: Gregory Davis/DDS (link below)

It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- SHIMMER Vols. 65 and 66 [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- SHIMMER Vol. 66 Review Spectacular [Cewsh Reviews]

- Our friend, Daniel Bryan [WRESTLEGASM]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: I Am Damien Sandow, Master of Magnets [With Leather]

- NYWC: Angry Andy reviews April Reign [Juice Make Sugar]

- AAW Point of No Return 2014 [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Why I'm standing in line to meet Mick Foley this weekend [Powder Room]

- Seven Things: Worst wrestling factions [Wrestling on Earth]

- The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes [With Leather]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Donald Sterling is finally drawing ire for his racist remarks [Sports on Earth]

- Excuse me if I don't drink Homeboy Sandman's "Black People Are Cowards" Kool-Aid [The Smoking Section]

- Your complete guide to Donald Sterling's racism [Deadspin]

- The non-sports fans' guide to Donald Sterling [Gawker]

- Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics [Time]

- Clippers Donald Sterling: once a racist, always a racist [The Smoking Section]

- Patton Oswalt responds to imbecile rancher Cliven Bundy [UPROXX]

- Guy Fieri's new restaurant, insane menu item by insane menu item [Kitchenette]

- The Swarthmore Co-op Food-Truck-A-Thon IV: THIS TIME, IT'S EDIBLE [Holzerman Hungers]

- Homemade tomato soup is easier (and better) than you think [Foodspin]

- Cookin' AND Drinkin' ATVS Style: Chile-infused Tequila [And the Valley Shook]

- How to make fish tacos, perfection now and forever [Foodspin]

- Up close on baseball's borders [NY Times]

- Michael Pineda, pine tar, and the marsupial world of baseball [Amazin' Avenue]

- Pine tar should be fully legal, and why baseball is still insane [Deadspin]

- Why Gerrit Cole wasn't suspended [SB Nation]

- Harsh reality break: 234 girls kidnapped from physics test [Space]

- It's time for the FCC to stand up for Americans instead of ruining the Internet [The Verge]

- The origins of amateurism, or why college sports are so fucked up [Deadspin]

- The SEC Worst-Case Scenario Preview [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Star Wars: Episode VII cast announced [The Verge]

- Hey Star Wars, where the hell are the women? [io9]

- Star Wars: Episode VII cast ANNOUNCED! [Dorkly]

- Tywin Lannister goes on Shark Tank with an interesting proposal [Warming Glow]

- The 15 most interesting tidbits from George RR Martin's Rolling Stone interview [Pajiba]

- The Istanbul Derby [SB Nation Longform]

- ET found in New Mexico landfill [Kotaku]