Friday, May 9, 2014

A Rematch Almost a Year in the Making

Graphics Credit via @chikarapro

June 2, 2013. Icarus had Eddie Kingston locked in the Chikara Special with no chance for escape, the Grand Championship within his sights. Before Kingston tapped out, a mass of humanity, under the direction of Wink Vavasseur, flooded out of the back of the Trocadero, chased both competitors, referee Bryce Remsburg, and subsequently every fan away from the arena floor. Chikara had been forcibly closed down by Condor Security.

Fitting that the main event of the first Chikara show back mirrors the one from the final show before hiatus. Hopefully, the ending won't be the same, but even though I doubt this match will end with Icarus triumphant and holding the greatest prize in the company (non-Trios division), I don't think the company will close down again. But a widescale brawl to end things, only with the Chikaraverse fighting back against The Flood this time (instead of the Condors) might be the ticket.

I've developed a theory that Kingston could be one of the main actors behind The Flood, or at least a co-conspirator if not one of the heads. Think about the almost obsessive grip he's retained on the Grand Championship, turning into avaricious possessiveness. What better way could he keep the title than by closing the company? Why wouldn't the Titor Conglomerate sell off the Grand Championship if it was going to sell off Los Campeonatos de Parejas, held by mere foot soldiers in its plans in Jigsaw and The Shard? Or maybe I've just read too much I N F O G R A P S lately. Either way, the main event of You Only Live Twice ought to be interesting to say the least.