Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Graphics via ChikaraPro.com

The final match for You Only Live Twice, happening THIS SUNDAY in Easton, PA, has been announced, and boy, is it a treat for formaphiles everywhere. In a smackdown that has been brewing ever since Wink Vavasseur introduced the rogue ants into the Chikaraverse about 15 months ago, The Colony: X-Treme Force (Arctic Rescue, Orbit Adventure, and Missile Assault Ants) will enter trios battle against the three ticked off original ants of Chikara, Fire Ant, Green Ant, and Worker Ant, better known as The Colony. The group has gone under a lot of changes since its debut in the promotion all those years ago. Soldier Ant is missing in action, and the original Worker Ant is long gone. However, the former assailANT has proven himself worthy of being called a worker, and boy, did he pick up on the old scores that the original group had to settle. The usurper ants have taken everything from The Colony - Soldier Ant, the 2011 King of Trios medals, and even Chikara itself. Payback is going to be heck.