Friday, May 16, 2014

Bryan's Surgery... A SUCCESS!

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You guys will all be thrilled to learn that Daniel Bryan's neck surgery was a success. You can read the details on the Dot Com article, but the overall tenor of the report was super positive. Obviously, the site isn't going to tip any kind of hand towards the story that WWE is trying to tell here. The Authority is set to "address the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation" on RAW, and I would be utterly shocked if said announcement revealed that Bryan would have to retire at this point. WWE wouldn't have written Kane to beat the shit out of him last week if people thought he wasn't going to be back.

The funniest thing about the article, and about most news-type articles posted on the Dot Com, is that it is written like people within the company don't keep tabs on its performers. " has learned" is just a funny clause to read on a site owned and operated by the actual company. The things the company chooses to kayfabe and what it chooses to be out in the open with sometimes make me chuckle.