Thursday, May 8, 2014

Four Corners Tag Match Announced for You Only Live Twice

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Chikara has announced another match for its return show, although it has not announced who will be competing in said match. A traditional four-corners elimination match will take place at You Only Live Twice, live and on Internet-pay-per-view in Easton, PA on May 25. This news is straight out of the Chikara playbook from before its temporary dissolution. The match would be announced, and then one team would be added at a time over the next few days or weeks. I'm glad to see that some traditions have seemingly not changed.

However, another staple of these matches remains up in the air. Normally, points towards contention to Los Campeonatos de Parejas could be earned in the match, with an elimination being equal to one point. Teams could theoretically earn all three points necessary to bank a title shot in one match. The most famous example I can think of happened in November of 2010, when Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw gained all three points in one match and went on to defeat Claudio Castagnoli and Ares at the next event to take the belts back from the BDK. One problem exists, however; no one is sure of the status of those belts.

The hardware was sold off in the chaotic aftermath of Aniversario last year. While Eddie Kingston's Gollumesque attachment to the physical Grand Championship belt has made it easier for him to reassert his claim to the belt, Jigsaw and The Shard, who won the titles at Aniversario over 3.0, might not have as much of a stake in their belts now that they have been sold off to a high bidder. As seems to be the theme with the early goings of this return, Chikara, in disseminating news, has provided more questions than answers. Still, I'm glad to see that some things have not changed.