Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From the Archives: Team Tremendous vs. the Candice and Joey Show

Candice LeRae has spent the last year or so proverbially bitch-slapping anyone who would have dared call her an opening-match special attraction for PWG as the calling card for her career. She's been putting in major work in the Guerrilla since TEN last year, and in the best development ever, she's been spreading her wings across the country in places such as Chicago, Southern Illinois, and New Orleans. Her most recent non-SoCal stop was the CZW Academy, where she and tag team (and life) partner Joey Ryan took on Beyond Wrestling's hottest tag team, Bill Carr and Friend of the Blog Dan Barry. This match was actually my first taste of Team Tremendous, a mistake that I should've rectified a long time ago. Carr is a Certified HOSS™, and Barry could probably don a lucha mask and work for CMLL or AAA tomorrow and no one would give him any shade for being a gringo. This match was my favorite on the WSU Secret Show upon which it was situated, and after you watch it, you should be in love with all four competitors. No doubt.