Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hark! A Match Announced for You Only Live Twice!

Graphics credit: ChikaraPro.com
Via Twitter

The first match has been announced for You Only Live Twice, the landmark Chikara return show happening in Easton, PA on May 25. In one corner, the Batiri of Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald await a chance at revenge droolingly. In the other, the man who brought them into Chikara by loaning their services to UltraMantis Black, Sinn Bodhi, has new backing in the Odditorium of Oliver Grimsley and Qefka the Quiet. This first match announced is steeped in years of history. Can the rest of the show be expected to follow suit? Like it or not, war is raging between Chikara and The Flood, and I doubt this first show will be a final battle. I'll be interested to see what the rest of the card looks like.

As for the match itself, I'm supremely interested to see how The Batiri handle working as tecnicos. The group collectively has been the most heelish of bad guys Chikara has seen since before the whole mess with The Flood came about, and unlike most wrestlers who toil on the indies, they seem to relish the idea of being gross, evil, and plain rude. I don't doubt that they'll have support. I know I'll be cheering my keyster off for them in Easton. The surreality of seeing them playing to the crowd instead of hissing and snarling at the fans will be off the charts, however.