Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is Eddie Kingston Retiring?

Is Kingston's Dying Breed finally going extinct?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Eddie Kingston lost the Grand Championship at You Only Live Twice in a move that many saw as a natural progression of story, the logical conclusion of what should have happened at Aniversario: Never Compromise last June. His time as Champion has both come and gone, to be honest. Some people thought he should have lost the belt long before that fateful day anyway, with the general consensus putting the strap on Tim Donst at Under the Hood in December of 2012. However, was his loss a sign of something a bit more severe bubbling under the surface? He went on an interesting Twitter repartee yesterday. His account is now locked and protected, but the folks over at the I Don't Like Wrestling Tumblr page were kind enough to screenshot the Tweets:

He doesn't come right out and say he's retiring, but the hints are strong. Obviously, he could change his mind after working those dates for Chikara, AIW, and the other promotions where he's booked. Or maybe this whole thing is a work that will set him up to be Chikara's savior once again like he was during the BDK crisis a couple of years ago. Then again, maybe his heart just isn't in it anymore. If he's really going to retire, no one can blame him. He's an indie wrestler who works for peanuts and has broken his body over 12 years of a career that saw its fair share of huge bumps and hardcore bouts. For selfish reasons, I hope he's not retiring, but man, if he is, best of luck to him.