Friday, May 2, 2014

Jessicka Havok Fired from WSU and Stripped of the Title, Plus Chikara's Event Center Has Returned

Havok is Champion no more
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Startling news broke last night on Twitter regarding Jessicka Havok and Women's Superstars Uncensored. Only nine days before she was set to defend the WSU Championship against LuFisto, the company stripped her of the title and fired her. At first, I thought this was part of the ongoing story pitting Havok against in-character part-owner DJ Hyde. However, I've learned that this whole thing might sting a little closer to the truth than anyone would have liked. I don't have any other details at present moment, only that this whole thing isn't an angle (or at least it's not an angle yet... you know how pro wrestling works and evolves).

What I do know is that the vacant Championship WILL be decided. LuFisto will remain in one corner, while her opponent from Mutiny, Athena, will man the other one. Also announced last night, the match will be best two-out-of-three falls. Their match at the previous event was hailed as the best on the card and one of the best of the entire year to date.

In better, albeit more creepily delivered news, hey, the Chikara Event Center, hosted by friend of The Blog Bryce Remsburg, has returned. The first news missive in preparation for You Live Only Twice on May 25 in Easton, PA (I'll be there!) is a video message from Jimmy Jacobs, the leader of the resistance forces to Chikara:

Of course he quoted Peter Gabriel lyrics. OF COURSE. Anyway, his words sounded extremely ominous, and they held more than a few clues. He addressed Icarus, which is a hint that maybe the main event will pit Jacobs against the last scion of Chikara, the relighter of the flame and the King of Ashes. Second, he flat out said that he wasn't the organizer of the group, rather a figurehead chosen for his ability to lead. Third, his Flood is something unknown to the Chikaraverse at large.

Or is it? While the Chikara name was purchased back by friendly (?) forces, the loose ends hinted at by Derek Sabato and Wink Vavasseur known as the Titor Conglomerate might not be left untied after all. Unless those who bought the name from Worldwide Media Development Corporation are really wolves in sheep's clothing, then maybe the collective forces of Chikara know what's coming and they just choose to ignore it. Either way, any news is good news, and the events that will conclude the company's grand return weekend are finally coming to light.