Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Like a Fox

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The way Twitter reacted to Alicia Fox's standout performance on RAW last night made it seem like she just materialized out of the aether and started wrestling. The signs were there. Even as far back as 2009, when she made the crack at Joey Styles at the Slammy Awards, she showed her capacity for sass and the way she's been balling in NXT and the C-show circuit foreshadowed how baller she'd be in the ring. Then again, maybe for once, the collective online community was just appreciating a great performance when it was presented. And stealing JBL's hat? Well, I don't think she went far enough to tell you the truth. I would have loved to have seen her play Solange Knowles to JBL's Jay-Z, but I guess I can't have it all. Stealing his hat was damn good enough.