Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen of Queens Tournament '14 Is Already Loaded

Candice LeRae will look to do to the American Joshis what she's doing to Chris Dickinson here
Via ACW's Tour Date Site
Photo Credit:
Scott Finkelstein

Anarchy Championship Wrestling has seen some ups and downs over the last two years with the departure of Rachel Summerlyn and the loss of some top guys to national touring schedules. However, the Queen of Queens Tournament has remained one of the brightest spots on the docket, both on its own schedule and in the grand scheme of the indies altogether. The first five names for this year's tournament have been announced, and they have put some oomph behind the punch this tournament looks to pack. The first entrant is obviously the American Joshi Champion, Su Yung. She will be defending her title throughout the slate. Entrants number two and three are ACW regulars, although they both come with some major credentials. Athena has blown up on the national scene, inserting herself as contenders to both the SHIMMER and WSU Championships as well as garnering the AIW Women's Championship for herself. Jessica James is fresh off a tour of Japan, where she competed with some of the best wrestlers in the world.

The two new faces on the docket certainly hold serve on the quality of entrants in prior years. First up, Jenny Rose will descend upon Austin. She has also extensively wrestled in Japan, but she's waiting to break out in America. This tournament could be a perfect opportunity for the ROH Academy alumna to make an emphatic name for herself in her home country. Finally, Candice LeRae, who has taken America by the shorthairs and made it pay attention to her through her work in PWG and tag team barnstormer tour with Joey Ryan, is in the tourney this year. She's the most exciting name announced by far, because her breakout in the last year or so has been so emphatic. The final three names are still unknown (I think they'll end up being Paige Turner, Barbi Hayden, and Angel Blue, but who knows), but right now, the tourney is must see if only for the first five names.