Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Smooth Sailing on the Radio

Not only the captain of your heart, but also of your afternoon rush hour in Albany
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
"Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington took Chikara by storm in his first appearance at You Only Live Twice, but apparently, he's been rocking the boat for much, much longer in a different way. His alter ego, Dalton Castle, in addition to being a wrestler is the afternoon drive-time DJ for Albany's rock station, Q 103. I perused the station's recently played list, and it seems to purvey the standard butt-rock offerings that WWE is so fond of co-opting for random pay-per-view themes. Shame, as I was hoping Castle would be able to play some cool, easy-listening yacht rock to go with his awesome new Remington character.

I always find the non-graps careers of indie wrestlers to be fascinating, since payouts on the average show below the mainstream can be peanuts compared to actual monetary needs for surviving in this cruel world. While Castle's primary career probably isn't the best paying one (hello, analytical chemist MsChif!), it's probably one that provides a good measure of notoriety and non-monetary perks. Castle gets to be in the public eye twice, which is really cool.

A tip of the hat to Friend of the Blog Joey O. for this bit of information.