Friday, May 9, 2014

The Polling Place: Drafting, Younger, Midcard Titles

Would Bryan be your first pick?
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This week's Polling Place is open, and the opening question is topical. The NFL Draft kicked off last night, and it will continue over the next two days. WWE toyed with the idea of a brand split with a draft, which had mixed results, but the best possible scenario for having anything resembling what the NFL has would be if every company on Earth disbanded and new companies rose up to draft from the remaining talent. Sure, it's implausible, but hey, the best questions come from far-fetched scenarios, right? If every wrestler was a free agent, whom would you spend the first overall pick on? Would it be a proven commodity like John Cena or Hiroshi Tanahashi? A current guy like Daniel Bryan or Kazuchika Okada? Would it be on a future star like Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, or a member of The Shield? Or would it be someone completely different?

Next up, Drake Younger finally got to WWE, and he's confirmed that he will be a referee. Younger has been one of the most touted and popular talents on the indies in the last two years, so him going to WWE just to be a ref seems puzzling. Sure, he may have his reasons, including safety and getting to be in the biz and drawing a paycheck without doing even a fraction of the stuff that he was doing that hurt himself over the years. Are you disappointed that he's a ref and not a wrestler?

Finally, WWE has turned over both midcard Championships in the last week to wrestlers who have faced off against each other in the recent past. Bad News Barrett and Sheamus have history and are both guys WWE seems to want to get behind. The question is not whether you think WWE will unify the titles, however. Should those belts be unified? Answer below, and if you're feeling frisky, leave a comment as to WHY you think the company should or shouldn't bring the US and IC titles together.