Friday, May 16, 2014

The Polling Place: Prince Devitt, NXT, Bryan

Prince Devitt is coming to WWE... maybe!
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Welcome to this week's edition of the Polling Place! First order of business is WWE's newest signing, Fergal "Prince" Devitt. The former NJPW superstar has reportedly come to terms according to The Site That Shall Not Be Linked. While that outfit's track record isn't the best, the rumors have been floating around for a long time, and would be a dandy addition to the roster. My question to you is what's your temperature on Devitt in WWE? How excited for him are you?

Devitt will be going to Orlando for a stint in developmental, and speaking of NXT, the territory has come under a bit of criticism lately. Recent acts imported from the subsidiary haven't performed up to expectation, and many are blaming the fact that it's too much like an indie promotion for these gimmicks to get over on a large-crowd basis. What is your opinion on NXT and its ability to create stars?

Finally, Daniel Bryan received surgery on his injured neck yesterday. While the surgery was a success, his availability for immediate participation in wrestling matches is unknown. He may not miss any time after all, but the growing fear is that he's going to be on the shelf for some amount of time. Assuming he's out until SummerSlam at the earliest, how do you proceed with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?