Friday, May 30, 2014

The Polling Place: Takeover, Payback, Hot Sauce

Takeover had some great moments, but what was the show like overall?
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Welcome to the Polling Place this week, where I ask the questions and you pick from a preset array of answers in these wonderful polls I post. The main topic of conversation today has to be Takeover, the second WWE Network special for the developmental territory NXT. While the show wasn't as heralded as the original offering, ArRIVAL, the chatter online seems to indicate the actual offering was as good if not better overall than the first show. I want to know your thoughts. How did you receive Takeover last night?

Second, the big show, WWE, is having a pay-pe... err, I mean "special event" this weekend. The build for Payback has been, in a word, dreadful. The main attraction, storywise, is whether Daniel Bryan will allow his wife Brie to be fired or whether he'll surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, despite how awfully some of these matches have been built, the card itself doesn't look too bad on paper. How hotly are you anticipating Payback on Sunday?

Finally, the Huy Fong factory in California has been granted a permanent stay of execution, as the town where it resides has withdrew its nuisance complaint. That factory produces sriracha, my personal favorite hot sauce ever. While the green-spouted rooster-labeled sauce has eminent popularity, the personal choice of hot sauces can be as diverse as the sheer number of products available. Simple question, what is your go-to sauce when you want piquancy and heat? If it's not listed in the poll, select "Other" and list in the comments.