Friday, May 23, 2014

The Polling Place: WWE Recruiting Japan, Chikara, Memorial Day

Is he WWE bound?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Welcome to the Polling Place, where I ask and you answer the questions in poll format. First up, the rumor mill on WWE's glomming of the best and brightest from companies that aren't TNA has them targeting Kota Ibushi. The company is already rumored to have KENTA all but signed, and it made overtures to Kazuchika Okada in the past. WWE's track record with Japanese-born superstars is checkered, and mostly negative. Let's face it, when Hakushi and Tajiri are the high water marks, you're not doing so hot. With that history in mind, are you for WWE mining Japan for talent?

Next up, Chikara is finally coming back for real on Sunday. The promotion took a risk by closing doors for a year, but that risk paid off in a big way with skyrocketing ticket sales and mad anticipation. The question is, are you among those who are hyped for this show?

Finally, Memorial Day weekend is upon America, and most of the country celebrates the beginning of summer by cooking out. Burgers and dogs are the staples, but barbecues around the country have different traditions of what the patrons consume. Ribs, other pork, chicken, or even vegetarian options dominate grills and smokers all around the country. My question, what's your main dish of choice?