Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Queen of Foxes

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Alicia Fox continued on her Personality Burst Tour 2K14 last night by stealing Jerry Lawler's crown and a fan's soda before pouring the aforementioned beverage all over herself. Fox's breakout, in addition to her baseline cromulence in the ring, is refreshing as she adds another able body to a Divas Division that could use a few well-rounded hands in order to be more than a front for advertising Total Divas. However, WWE should probably be careful in whom they put across the ring from Fox. The way the company is booking Paige, she could get usurped in popularity by the Foxy One and then she'll have to go and turn heel. Normally, I'd endorse such actions, but bad guy Paige in WWE will just be "jealous" of everyone else, and no one wants that.