Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three Years Gone

missin'  u, Randy
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Today, three years ago, "Macho Man" Randy Savage lost his life in a car accident brought on by a heart attack. The reclusive former WWE Champion had spent a good portion of his post career life out of the spotlight within the profession that made him famous, instead making overtures into becoming a screen and voice-over actor. His retreat into private life has made his loss still feel surreal and unreal all this time later. I'm waiting for him to hop out of the shadows with a Slim Jim and wake me up from this weird dream, to be quite honest. But now, as life in pro wrestling moves on without him, I have nothing else to do but link to some things I wrote three years ago, when news of his passing was still fresh like an open wound.

What Macho Meant to Me - My own personal reflection Savage's life and career

The Macho Man and Letting Go - An essay on how Savage was able to do what many other of his colleagues were never able to

Macho Week tag - A celebration of his life through a bunch of posts over the week after his death