Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Disco Inferno's Finest Hour

Disco Inferno gets maligned a fair bit for good reason. He had a gimmick one had to enjoy ironically, which is probably not how WCW meant to portray him. He also has been associated with some bad creative teams and had been known to troll message boards to defend TNA when he was employed there. Still, he was a decent hand, and hey, he was able to provide some unintentional (or was it?) comedy by acting as the Outsiders' lackey during the Era of Several nWo Factions. Their entrance here for this random WCW Monday Nitro main event was understated, but I really dug Disco trying to mug for the camera and how Kevin Nash kinda boxed him out when he was trying to do his disco dance in the ring. Poor Disco, it's almost as if his stint was a Greek tragedy here. Okay, maybe not. Still, WCW had a lot of interesting story threads and characterization that got lost under the crushing sprawl of the nWo arc in general. Disco Inferno as the Wolfpac's towel boy was totally one of them.

This week's entry comes to us from @Pile_of_Derp, who didn't pick the superstar as much as he provided the clip. Please follow Derpy for all your taco and Louisville needs.