Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: I'm Brian F***ing Pillman

Brian Pillman was definitely a wrestler taken from the world too soon, but his short life was jam-packed full of highlight reel material, whether in the ring in his early career, or his jaw-dropping interview stuff out of it. One of his most controversial moments came at his ECW debut. He'd just been fired from WCW, so he showed up at The Arena and interrupted the open of CyberSlam '96. His profanity-laden tirade was a hit with the crowd, even as Pillman called them unflattering things (not the least of which being the same as Eric Bischoff... I'd want to fight him). It wasn't until he tried to whip his dick out that the fans turned on him. The video is almost ten minutes long, but it's fascinating and enthralling and everything that made Pillman a must-see personality.

This week's subject comes to you courtesy of @LouHemp, who is either Jay Cutler in a class portrait or Burt Reynolds in Smoky and the Bandit if his Twitter avatars are to be believed.