Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Insane in the Cage

"Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the most unpredictable, eccentric promos of all-time. Sometimes, I think his normal interviewer, Mean Gene Okerlund, didn't even know what he'd say or do before any scheduled segment they'd have together. However, one of the craziest pre-taped promo segments he ever took part in saw him as the most subdued participants. Then again, when the two people with you in the segment are Sensational Sherri Martel and Zeus, you could be Charles Manson and still be the sanest person there. Sherri climbed the cage for no reason, and Zeus projected all his rage (and possibly coke) fueled incoherence with cross-eyed fury, while the Macho King held court. As far as insane-people-talking-into-a-camera go, nothing on earth could have ever been finer.

This week's clip comes to us thanks to @FosterVsWorld, who chose Sensational Sherri as his wrestling personality of the week. He can be found on Twitter, musing about various sports and wrestling related things, as well as lamenting the general gridlock of living in the DMV area.