Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vince Russo Has Twitter, and I Can't Make Fun of Him Anymore

He's actually... cool?
Photo via the Pyro and Ballyhoo Facebook
Vince Russo has long been one of the Unholy Trinity of Targets of Wrestling Scorn to me, along with Triple H and Eric Bischoff. While Triple H, the character, remains a prolonged fart noise with a smell ten times worse, Paul Levesque the person seems to be not as bad as his onscreen character (in an unrelated but hilarious note, he tooled a certain journalist yesterday something fierce). Bischoff, however, remains an utter and complete chode, but nothing remains perfect in this world.

Russo went the road of Triple H in terms of taking me offguard with likeability as he opened up a Twitter account, @pyroballyhoo. It is a surprisingly essential follow. Nothing suggests that Russo has learned from his mistakes or became some kind of booking maven. Then again, who wants to follow a goddamn former industry know-it-all anyway? Jim Ross may be the greatest announcer ever, but his Twitter account suuuuucks.

Russo embraces his manic personality, and he does so with self-deprecation. Nothing's out of bounds, and he's at least cognizant of both current WWE and TNA. He also answers a whole lot of tweets sent his way. I can forgive a lot of ills if you interact with people who are thirsty for your thoughts in good faith. Sure, I still think a lot of his influence on wrestling is negative, and I won't go out of my way to praise his work, but the guy right now seems to be in a good place.