Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WWE Tribute to The Stone Crusher Will Move You

Photo Credit: WPIX/Pittsburgh
h/t to With Leather

Connor Michalek, known better as The Stone Crusher, passed away last month from cancer. He touched the hearts of millions of wrestling fans, several WWE superstars, and the company itself, and no one forgot it. The company released a tribute video to the youngster, chronicling his first backstage meeting with Daniel Bryan through to WrestleMania XXX, where he got to watch his hero win in the main event and close the show with the new Champ coming down to greet him personally. The video shows Michalek getting to come down to the ring with Bryan to the applause and cheering of the WWE locker room, and he even got to beat Triple H in a totally sanctioned wrestling match. He had great form too; he even hooked the leg!

Anyway, watch the video after the jump. If you don't feel something deep in your soul, I don't know what to say.