Monday, June 16, 2014

A Short Note on Pat Patterson Coming Out on Legends House

Patterson's coming out was brave
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The worst-kept secret in pro wrestling over the last three decades has been Pat Patterson's sexuality. While he never officially came out, everyone in the office and most wrestling fans themselves knew that he was, in fact, gay. Despite his coming out at the season finale of Legends House being a mere formality, I'm still pretty bummed that a lot of the reactions to his announcement were more "HOW IS THIS NEWS???" than "Good on you." The point of his announcement wasn't so much to shock or titillate people. Few people who come out of the closet aim to do that, whether said closet door was open in Patterson's case or shut tight like in Darren Young's. I don't know the reason why Patterson decided now was the time to come out to his proverbial brothers, but whatever it was, he deserves respect and admiration for his decision to come out.

I repeat, being gay in America is far from an afternoon walk in the park. People are celebrated for their courage and bravery because it is courageous and brave to be out and proud in a country where things like Proposition 8 exist and where people like Scott Esk run for public office. Hell, Patterson and Young work for a company that will have a noted homophobe hosting its show tonight and that bent over backwards to celebrate the life of a man in The Ultimate Warrior who unapologetically and unironically said "Queering doesn't make the world work." Those reasons are why Patterson stating that he wants to celebrate his sexuality is beyond important.

Of course, if you want to call Patterson to the carpet for the rape allegations that linger over his head, well, go right ahead. That can of worms is entirely different than the issue of whether his coming out should have been lauded or noticed.