Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Stardust Is Born

Photo Credit: WWE.com

When Cody Rhodes said he had a partner for his brother Goldust, I thought he was presenting the latest in the Damien Sandow series of cosplay or debuting a repackaged Heath Slater as Clem Layfield. Then again, embracing his weird DNA (and believe me, if you don't think Big Dust has some weird genetic code in his seed, you're fooling yourself) and matching his brother was the best road to travel all along. In fact, the only criticism of his "debut" was that his bodysuit wasn't skintight like Goldust's usually is. Then again, if wardrobe issues are the biggest complaint, then the character is off to a great start. The best part of his run last night wasn't the idea or the facepaint or even the new lease on life the Rhodes Bros. have as a tag team. Cody's facial expressions sold the entire package superbly. He flashed that toothy grin with those crazy eyes, and Stardust became a permanent fixture in my mind, at least.