Friday, June 20, 2014

Beyond Wrestling Gonna Make You Uncomfortable This Weekend

Can The Juice knock Hero out without getting knocked out this time?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
The state of Rhode Island has been somewhat invisible in terms of independent wrestling over the nearly two decades that the scene has taken to boom. Nearly a year ago, however, Beyond Wrestling lit the fuse, started a residence at Fete Music in Providence, and changed the national game in a huge way. Next month, it will celebrate an anniversary with Americanrana II, but Sunday, things are about to get just a bit Uncomfortable. What kind of show is planned to warrant such a name? Could the antics in a certain Cops vs. Detectives tag team match unsettle various squeamish folks in the crowd? How about a last man standing match between two of the hardest hitters in all of wrestling? Maybe some fans will make others feel a bit uneasy with the weapons they provide for Biff Busick and Matt Tremont, and yet still others may not be able to handle the dirty hoss FURY of a West Coast fly-in taking on a certain Dirty Daddy.

Or could it be that one Brian Myers might be wrestling with the specter of having the World's Strongest Man show up at any time and murdering him where he stands for not issuing a timely apology? Okay, maybe that last one is a bit overdramatic; I doubt Mark Henry will risk breaching his WWE contract just to murder the former Curt Hawkins, but still, Myers and his school will make a big splash at this show. Myers' school, the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, will be sending four of his trainees to open the festivities at Uncomfortable. Then, he himself will make his first appearance after his WWE release against AR Fox. Fox was originally supposed to wrestle Kimber Lee, but an injury forced her out of the show. Shame, I would have liked to have seen Lee, who has become an all-star within the company, the Sara del Rey-in-Chikara for Beyond if you will, face off against the deliciously evil Fox in a Beyond setting. However, her style lends itself to bumps and bruises, and those dings can make you miss a show here or there out of self-preservation.

Much like fellow Long Island WWE expat Trent?, Myers had been barely booked on WWE television in the months leading up to his release. Of course, Trent? has become an indie standout in the last year or so. Myers may not have the exact same skillset, but he'll get a similar opportunity to Trent?'s first show in PWG. Getting to wrestle Fox right out of the chute is as much a baptism by fire as any match can be. If Myers can keep up with Fox, he should be able to keep up with anyone on the indies right now. I tend to think the demand for him will end up being higher than anyone else who has been released except for Matt Sydal at this point. Don't fool yourself; this match will be as much a test for Myers as it will be a showcase for Fox.

But this show is hardly all about the former Hawkins. In fact, the most important match on the show will be the culmination of six months of JT Dunn nipping at the heels of the freshly-returned Chris Hero. Much in the same way that feuding with Eddie Edwards raised Biff Busick's profile throughout the indies, Dunn's national profile has been elevated thanks to following up his Tournament for Tomorrow victory with his ongoing beef with Hero. Dunn called Hero out, and they did battle at Critical Acclaim! The Juice was able to give That Young Knockout Kid a taste of his own medicine, but not before Hero landed a KO shot of his own. With nothing settled after the double knockout, the two will go at it one more time on Sunday. While the Last Man Standing match has produced some convoluted finishes elsewhere, neither Hero nor Dunn will need contrivances like crates or duct tape to keep each other down. They've got hard elbows, brutal knees, and fierce head drops to get them to the stated goal.

Another match that should be stiff for different reasons will be Chris Dickinson welcoming Brian Cage to Fete Music. Cage is known for his absolutely chiseled body and insane feats of strength in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, while Dickinson's penchant for throwing bombs is only matched by his immaturity and perversion. This match will be a certified indie HOSS FIGHT, as will the Cops vs. Detectives tag team match. Certain factions within the precinct have been butting heads, and that cold war has now bubbled into a hotspot as Officer Colt Cabana will team with Supercop Dick Justice to battle the team of Tremendous Investigations. Dan Barry and Bill Carr pull no punches, but their interrogation techniques involving nipple trauma may have rubbed the cops the wrong way. Whatever happens, I hope these guys leave their sidearms at home.

Speaking of guns, they may be the only weapons not involved when Matt Tremont and Biff Busick call on the fans to give them their plunder. When fans bring the weapons, things tend to get a bit out of control. In fact, I'm not sure who okayed this match to happen. Tremont is a bona fide psychopath who knows how to use any weapon to make his opponent bleed buckets. Meanwhile, Busick has no concept of personal safety, and he will sacrifice his body in order to give the audience the star performance of the night. If that wasn't enough, Beyond has three other announced matches on the card that may tickle your fancy. Anthony Stone will battle Dave Cole in a bout between two Beyond standbys. Sugar Dunkerton makes his grand return when he teams with old #KOA compadre Pinkie Sanchez against the most dastardly dicks the place has to offer, Myke Quest and Nicholas Kaye. And in the kind of multiman madness that Beyond does so well, Ryan Rush, Francis Kipland Stevens, and Milk Chocolate will team up to battle Stockade, Jesse Vane, Rex Lawless, and Blake Morris in atomicos action.

If you're in town a day early and want to catch another show, the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance will also be running at the West Warwick Civic Center on Satruday. Sunday's main eventers both have warmup matches on this show; Hero will take on New England stalwart Brian Fury, while Dunn goes to war against ROH Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish. Cabana will take on Hanson, while Cage will welcome Tommaso Ciampa in battle. And in the main event, David Starr defends his XWA Championship in four-way action against Dickinson, Matt Taven, and Jason Blade.

Between Saturday's XWA offerings and the main Beyond show on Sunday, Providence, RI will be center focus of the indie wrestling world this weekend. Whether the former Curt Hawkins is drawing your eyes to the company for the first time or whether you're a longtime supporter is irrelevant. All are welcome to partake in one of the most open and welcoming environments in all of wrestling. The show may be called Uncomfortable, but once you experience Beyond, you'll feel any thing but about the state of wrestling and the hands its in right now.

XWA Aftermath happens on Saturday, June 21, at the West Warwick Civic Center in West Warwick, RI. Doors will open at 7 PM local time, and the first bell sounds at 8 PM. Tickets will be available at the door, but you can get your own superticket for this show, Uncomfortable, AND the Beyond Wrestling secret show at the RWA Chop Shop in Providence at 12 PM on Sunday, June 22. Only 60 supertickets will be made available, and this mega-pass is the ONLY way you can go to the Secret Show.

Beyond Wrestling Uncomfortable happens on Sunday, June 22, at Fete Music in Providence, RI. Doors open for the VIP ticketholders at 3 PM local and for everyone else at 3:30 PM. First bell is at 4 PM. Get your tickets at the door or through Come hungry as well, because Mama Colorado's world famous food is going to be hot and ready for purchase at the concession stand.