Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Green Ant Has Changed Colors

Green gives way to Silver
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
As fate would have it, the wardrobe change for Green Ant at You Only Live Twice wasn't happenstance, but foreshadowing. He came out in gleaming new gear for his team's match against the usurper Ants, and yesterday on Twitter, he confirmed the change in name:
The name change makes sense, since I would argue he hasn't been "green" in like four years. As soon as he was promoted to the main Colony to replace the fallen Worker Ant v. 1.0, he had his working boots on and was one of the best guys Chikara had on the roster. While plenty has remained static about Chikara's identity since its comeback, other things have changed and evolved. A fine wrestler whose name was a rib on his experience wrestler deserves to let his own identity evolve similarly to his skillset and standing on the roster. I approve.