Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If You Don't Like Me Showing You Colonial Style Three-Floor Homes, Then Bite Me

That is one professional-ass headshot
Earlier this year, Buff Bagwell was outed as a male escort in the Atlanta area. Everyone had a few good laughs, and he even got a booking for Absolute Intense Wrestling out of it. Well, today, I found out that another former WCW mainstay has a successful post-wrestling career, albeit one that doesn't require selling his flesh... err, I mean his time. Rick Steiner, one half of the legendary brotherly tag team that beat the shit out of people in the WWF, WCW, ECW, and Japan, is now a successful realtor in northern Georgia. He has a site and everything, and his bio acknowledges that he had a pretty eventful wrestling career.

Of course, going from wrestling to real estate might not be as big a shift in career type as one might think, but still, they're not partner industries. I have a whole bunch of questions I wanna ask.
  • Does he give discounts for homes that already come with doghouses?
  • Is his real estate business really a sleeper recruiting cell for his alma mater, the University of Michigan?
  • How many times has his brother Scott called him up asking to do some advertisements for him?
  • How many times has he called up Scott asking to do advertisements for him?
  • If a prospective buyer lowballs him, does he instinctively bark at them?
  • Does his employee of the month receive a Championship belt?
In all seriousness, folks down in the ATL have told me he's been on the school board and has been selling real estate for years. No lie, as much as I'm amused by the cot-dam Dogface Gremlin segueing into the real estate, I'm genuinely happy that he's found peace and a good career in his post-ring days. Enough dudes go down the Randy the Ram path that when someone bucks that trend, it's refreshing and endearing.