Monday, June 2, 2014

LIST-O-MANIA: Michael Elgin Has Beef

Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
I was just trolling along Twitter Saturday, minding my own business, until I saw THIS tweet from indie wrestling superstar and serial pesterer of New Japan Pro Wrestling on social media Michael Elgin:
Such language! But regardless, Elgin has heat with someone, but who? All this subtweeting only makes a PRIVATE TWITTER DETECTIVE curious. I went on the investigative trail to see who Elgin could have a problem with.
  • Ethan Page
  • Rickey Shane Page
  • Ellen Page
  • Anna Paquin
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Ian McKellen
  • Christopher Lee
  • Hayden Christiansen
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Wladimir Klitschko
  • Vitaly Klitschko
  • Evander Holyfield
  • Mike Tyson
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  • The Rock
  • Rocco Rock
  • Johnny Grunge
  • Bubba Ray Dudley
  • D-Von Dudley
  • Dances with Dudley
  • Dudley Dudley
  • Spike Dudley
  • Spike Eskin
  • Howard Eskin
  • Suomi Eskin
  • Teemu Selanne
  • Ryan Getzlaf
  • Bobby Ryan
  • Brian Dawkins
  • A tall wide receiver
  • A new kicker
  • The Cincinnati Redlegs
  • Bronson Arroyo
  • Charles Bronson
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Imaginary Barack Obama sitting in a chair
  • Barack Obama
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton
  • Jerry Jones
  • Tony Romo
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Clay Aiken
  • Al Franken
  • Jesse "The Body" Ventura
  • Vince McMahon
  • Shane McMahon
  • X-Pac
  • Kane
  • Mankind
  • Val Venis
  • TAKA Michinoku
  • Jado and Gedo
A-ha! So he's angry at Jado and Gedo for not booking him in New Japan! I knew I'd get to the bottom of this...