Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh No, Not Foxsana

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The most unsung teaming in WWE imploded last night. Or did it? Sure, Alicia Fox may have stolen a dude's popcorn and water to dump all over her partner, Aksana, but she still acted friendly and apologetic to her after wasting that poor fan's concessions on her. LAYERS! I wonder if the infamous WWE Creative Whiteboard had "food fight" underneath the Divas last night, because Fox's outburst was the second culinary attack on the show involving the women. Summer Rae perpetrated the most Minnesota attack on a wrestling show ever on Layla backstage by dumping buttermilk (or whole milk, either way, it looked thick) and flour all over her. Leave it to WWE to thin the patience by spamming a good thing.