Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Psst, Hey, You, Want to See a Prime Indie Show in HD... FOR FREE?

See Matt Cross' beard defend the title and more!
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

Smash Wrestling has been promoting shows for over a year in the the Greater Toronto area with some of the best wrestlers in the world making appearances. The promoters clearly want more eyes on their fine federation, so they are offering you free digital downloads of their latest show, Rival Schools. I haven't watched the show yet, but Friend of the Blog Dylan Hales has. He live-tweeted his thoughts, and they generally were positive. Still, this show featured some of the top names in independent wrestling and it's being offered for free, in both high and standard definitions. You can watch Matt Cross and his luxurious beard defend the SMASH Championship against Alex Vega and Brent Banks for free. You can watch Chris Hero trade blows with Takaaki Watanabe of New Japan Pro Wrestling at no monetary cost to your person. You can see ACH and Michael Elgin tangle with no fiduciary obligation to the folks who brought it to you. Super Smash Bros., Gregory Iron, Cherry Bomb, Kyle O'Reilly... ALL FREE. If you do nothing else in your life, you need to take advantage of absolutely free professional wrestling when you get the chance. Smash is giving it to you, and who knows, maybe you'll be enticed enough to check them out on a regular basis and discover the best of what Canada has to offer.