Friday, June 27, 2014

The Polling Place: Money in the Bank, Best Champ on the Indies, NBA Draft

How important is the briefcase?
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Welcome to another edition of the Polling Place, where I give scenario and you choose your answer. First up, Money in the Bank is on Sunday. Ever since becoming its own event in 2010, the show has risen in prominence in the minds of critical fans to the point where some question whether it's on par with the Royal Rumble. How important do you think the briefcase is in the WWE firmament?

This past Sunday, Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole to win the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. Some have felt it was a long time coming, while others feel Elgin isn't well-rounded enough to carry the load for a company that is competing with TNA for the number two slot in the country. Still, while ROH competes nationally and gets syndication, its heart still remains with the other independent promotions in the country. Is Elgin the best of those Champions, or is someone out there better?

Finally, the National Basketball Association draft was held last night. Andrew Wiggins went first overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers as expected, but he was hardly the only tantalizing pick for teams out there looking to improve. Scouts and pundits have been claiming for more than a year that this year's slate would be the deepest draft the NBA would have seen in years, but of course, some teams might have found a way to screw it up. What's your gut reaction to how your team drafted last night?