Friday, June 6, 2014

The Polling Place: Rollins, AJPW, SPORTS

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Welcome to this week's Polling Place, where I ask the questions and you vote anonymously for your choices. First up, the hottest topic of the week is Seth Rollins turning on his brothers in The Shield to join Evolution. A lot of words have been said and written about the move, but do you think it's the right one going forward?

Next up, All Japan Pro Wrestling is in a state of extreme flux right now. Jun Akiyama is taking control of the company, but the rumors state that he'll take the titles and all the wrestlers to a new company with a rebranded name. The loss of the AJPW name would be a blow to the history of puroresu, even if the promotion has been sucking wind ever since most of the roster split to form Pro Wrestling NOAH at the turn of this century. I don't pretend to be an expert on current Japanese wrestling politics, but I do know my history. Who do you think has been the greatest competitor in AJPW history?

Finally, the NBA Finals kicked off last night between the Spurs and the Heat, and the Stanley Cup Finals kicked off Wednesday night between the Rangers and Kings. Simple question, what is your favorite Championship in American sports?