Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday: And Now, Four and a Half Minutes of Groin Trauma on Alex Wright

I'm not in as a bad a mood as I thought I would be after the United States Men's National Team lost to Germany in the World Cup today. The loss set the national team to 1-1-1 in group play, tying it with Portugal, but thanks to goal differential, the US will advance. Still, that fact does not mask the Germans defeating the US. I would have rather not have backed into knockout play, so in response, I have found this video of noted German pro wrestler Alex Wright getting hit with hard straddle bumps on the top rope. If the US can't win the group, then at least American fans can revel in a German guy getting hit repeatedly in the nuts. Yes, I am five years old. Deal with it.

This week's inspiration comes via @SchmanthonyP, who is a hyperactive Tweeter from out yonder the Rocky Mountains and who also loves him some cinema.