Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The WWF Debut of Earthquake

Once upon a time, the World's Strongest Man wasn't an angry black fella from Silsby, TX, but a stocky French Canadian dude with blonde locks and the Mouth of the South for a manager. In his running feud with the Ultimate Warrior, Dino Bravo challenged him to a pushup competition with the fattest dude in the crowd sitting upon their backs. While Jesse "The Body" Ventura was sure the sitter would be a woman because West Virginia had its fair share of them according to him, Jimmy Hart selected a rather rotund guy with a beard and a skullet from the crowd. Of course, that man would turn out to be Earthquake, and this whole competition was just a setup for Bravo to get some licks in on Warrior before they went and did battle on the house show circuit. It's sad to think that of the five guys in the ring during this vignette, the only two who are still alive are the NPC/manager characters. Earthquake fell victim to cancer, Bravo was murdered by organized crime syndicates in Quebec, and Warrior recently passed this year. Wrestling is a hell of a business.

This week's video brought to us by @anthonytaylor_, a gaming enthusiast and someone who really wanted to see Dino Bravo this week, for some reason.