Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ya Gotta BOlieve

Graphics via Nadine Jones and Frank Drago/WWE.com
Via WWE.com

Some enterprising souls have taken the next logical step for Bo Dallas and his run as an inspirational figure; they've made a series of motivational posters, I mean, BO-tivational posters. Obviously, my favorite one is shown above, but all of the mock-ups are super cheesy in a good way that befits Dallas' emerging character as a combination between Tim Tebow and that person you know on Facebook or Twitter who constantly quotes dudes like Zig Ziglar.

RAW was pretty rotten last night, and the main run of televised, non-special event programming has been rank. However, even if the main narrative of WWE is stagnant and unsatisfying, the Dot Com arm remains inventive, creative, and interesting to check out.