Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Payback Fallout

A good and surprising show
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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- The Mars Volta of Wrestling: WWE Payback '14 Review [The Wrestling Blog]

- WWE Payback 2014: What we learned [SB Nation]

- The Best and Worst of WWE Payback [With Leather]

- Bang for Your Buck PPV Review: Payback [Juice Make Sugar]

- My name is John, and I am Chikara [Team Hate]

- Best Coast Bias: Days of Future Present [The Wrestling Blog]

- The Best and Worst of NXT Takeover [With Leather]

- NXT Takeover Review [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Soap Box: Presentation of women's wrestling in WWE - was Takeover an "eye opener?" [Ring Belles]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: Nope. [With Leather]

- Good riddance, CM Punk [The Smoking Section]

- The Ballad of CM Punk [Fvck the Media]

- The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 22A: Brandon and Danielle's Excellent International Adventure Part 1 [The Mandible Claw]

- For a pop star, this lady kicks ass at wrestling [Kotaku]

- Vintage Best and Worst: WCW Fall Brawl 1996 [With Leather]

- King of Kings: A comparison between Triple H and Shelley's "Ozymandias" [QuackenbuschLight]

- In pictures: Wrestlers before and after the bell [The Globe and Mail]

- The Best and Worst of Impact: Table for Six [With Leather]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Here's what a Disney version of Game of Thrones would look like [UPROXX]

- The ten best TV fight scenes [Warming Glow]

- What dragons on Game of Thrones can teach us about nuclear weapons [io9]

- There may be an eighth book in the Song of Fire and Ice series because AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [Pajiba]

- LeVar Burton is Kickstarting the return of Reading Rainbow [Gawker]

- Brace for the backlash to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter! [Jezebel]

- The director of Jurassic World reveals the plot [io9]

- Directors who can't stop tinkering with their movies [Flavorwire]

- Four reasons why Superman makes the best Batman villain [Gamma Squad]

- Compare the wealth of comic book characters with this infographic [io9]

- Now THIS is how you tell a Disney villain's side of the story [io9]

- Maleficent is great, but it's also a fairy tale -- so it sucks [Jezebel]

- The football fan's fall wedding guide [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Why Is Daddy Sad on Sunday? A review of a Cleveland sports fan coloring book [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- Sir Thomas of Cincinnati welcomes you, traveler [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Notes on Kanye West's wedding/audition to become a NFL owner [SB Nation]

- The erasure of Maya Angelou's sex work history [Tits and Sass]

- I am not an angry feminist, I am a furious one [Jezebel]

- Five uncomfortable truths from the Men's Rights Movement [Cracked]

- Joe the Plumber pens a harsh letter to the Santa Barbara victims' families [UPROXX]

- Lessons from a day spent with the awful friends of the UCSB shooter [Jezebel]

- America's typical heroin user is a middle-aged white suburban woman [The Verge]

- Ben Revere hit a home run? [Zoo with Roy]

- A Major League pitcher's guide to baseball's bullshit unwritten rules [Deadspin]

- How to cook a pork shoulder on the grill; a good day's work for once [The Concourse]

- Cheeseburger Pop Tarts may contain dark magic [Kotaku]

- FOOD: The Big Ten's new recruiting battleground [Black Heart, Gold Pants]

- This woman ate two 72 oz. steak dinners in 15 minutes [Gawker]

- The best/worst restaurant ideas in the world [Kitchenette]

- Need a World Cup team to root for? Check out this infographic! [SB Nation]

- Check out this insanely dangerous zinc flamethrower [io9]

- We can't stop disasters, but we can stop building homes and having kids [The Vane]

- Better ways to name hurricanes, ranked [Regressing]

- What the hell are tachyons? [io9]

- There's only one Seven: The world's most efficient car was built in a barn [SB Nation]