Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Rollins and Game of Thrones Fallout

Seriously, watch NXT
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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- The Wrestling Hipster: Five reasons why watching NXT makes you a better fan than everyone else [With Leather]

- Believe in Dean Ambrose [False Underdog]

- Why it had to be Seth Rollins [Brad to the Bone]

- Sami Zayn to The Shield, please [¡OlĂ©! Wrestling]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: Requiem for Foxsana [With Leather]

- SB Nation Reviews: Vince McMahon [SB Nation]

- The octet of opportunity: Eight great names who should be in either Money in the Bank ladder match [TJR Wrestling]

- Vintage Best and Worst: SummerSlam 1996 [With Leather]

- Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DDT4 review [Voices of Wrestling]

- TNA Impact Review: June 5 [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling: The American Don Wests [With Leather]

- Why doesn't TNA base itself in Britain? [Voices of Wrestling]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Video: Game of Thrones Mountain vs. Red Viper alternate ending [Warming Glow]

- When The Mountain dresses as The Hulk, children cry [Kotaku]

- Science says spoilers don't ruin enjoyment of show, Game of Thrones proves it [Warming Glow]

- The broccoli theory of bad television [Pajiba]

- Allow this infographic to explain the awesome history of Ghostbusters [Film Drunk]

- Ten words The Simpsons invented [Hello Giggles]

- Ten standalone Star Wars movies we actually want [io9]

- Why you're wrong and this NBA Finals matchup is awesome [Hardwood Paroxysm]

- Everything you know about cramps is wrong, and Gatorade is full of shit [Regressing]

- The myth of the myth of the hot hand [Regressing]

- It's really hard to be a good guy with a gun [Gawker]

- The 28 most infuriating (TRUE) statistics [Cracked]

- Ladies love being rape victims says asshole [Jezebel]

- No, Casper Smart sexting trans women doesn't make him gay [ROYGBIV]

- What Europe will look like in 2035 if Russian tabloids have their way [io9]

- Seven geek prejudices that should have been dropped by now [Topless Robot]

- Chemtrails are a symptom of a larger, potentially dangerous problem [The Vane]

- Is your dress code sexist? A guide [Jezebel]

- I made a fake Donald Trump quote and he retweeted it [SB Nation]

- We give them nothing - On amateurs doing professional work [Polygon]

- Gamma Squad's 50 Best-Looking Games Ever [50-41|40-31|30-21|20-11|10-6|5-1]

- REPORT: Johnny Manziel to forgo NFL career and play professional baseball [Good Bull Hunting]

- Critics of Jon Singleton's deal sound like real d-bags [The Mighty MJD]

- Stop with your anti-fast food moralizing [io9]

- Performance artists swap wine labels for funnier ones [Kitchenette]

- Cookin' ATVS Style: Barbecue Chicken [And the Valley Shook]

- Two simple, foolproof methods to cook a steak to perfection [Sploid]

- How to make deviled eggs and reign as lord of the side dishes [The Concourse]

- Taco Bell merged a burrito to a quesadilla [UPROXX]

- On hockey's fetish for finding "The Next Best Player in the World" [Deadspin]