Monday, July 14, 2014

From the Archives: Sting vs. Cactus Jack, I Quit Match

In case you're more intelligent than most of the average wrestling fans out there (especially smarter than me) and you've avoided all the hazardous Twitter accounts who pass along news, NEWZ, and rumors, then you may have missed that Sting posted a cryptic tweet last week that said only "7.14.14." That date is, well, today's date! Could he be appearing on RAW? WILL HE FINALLY START HIS LONG-AWAITED PROGRAM WITH THE UNDERTAKER? WILL HE REPLACE DANIEL BRYAN AS THE AUTHORITY'S PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE? WILL HE ALLOW ME TO TURN OFF MY CAPS LOCK KEY? Oh wait. Anyway, whether he finally shows up on WWE television in a capacity other than a simulcast of the final episode of Nitro is unknown, but I will take the opportunity to post a match of his back when he was among the top names in all of wrestling (and not just for nostalgia reasons either). Cactus Jack is the opponent. The stipulation is an "I Quit" match. Let's do it to it.