Monday, July 14, 2014

KENTA Officially Signs with WWE

If Hogan presided over it, it's real, brother
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The first of the four big rumored signings to WWE has been made official, as Saturday, KENTA officially signed his WWE developmental contract. The contract was made official at a house show during WWE's current tour of Japan with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart presiding it over. I don't know about you, but having the most legendary WWE superstar of all-time presiding over my contract signing would make me super stoked, but then again, I'm an American child of the '80s/'90s and thus The Hulkster was my everything, brother. I can't speak for KENTA.

Curiously enough, the WWE press release referred to him as "Kenta" throughout, which aside from being wrong stylistically (ALL CAPS FAH LYFE), set off a conflagration of speculation as to whether he'll actually get put through the NXT Name Generator™. I have no lean either way; it either could be a "placeholder" thing before a new name is given to him in the same way Mistico was handled before he became Sin Cara, or it could be a nod to his actual, real given name, Kenta Kobayashi. Either way, KENTA's signing is real and he'll be headed to the Performance Center in a matter of time. Exciting times to be a hardcore wrestling fan are afoot!

In other news, another one of those big four, Kevin Steen, made his presumably final appearances for Squared Circle Wrestling this past weekend, and the popular hashtag for use in promoting the event was "Thanks Steen Thanks." So the rumors may be true. Steen might be packing up shop to install air conditioners and work at the GAP in Orlando, FL as soon as he can. I'll keep you guys posted on those developments as they arise.