Monday, July 21, 2014

No, Not the Thunder Frog

In happier times...
Photo Credit: TH

First, the Titan of Titor came for Kobald. When the Chikara tecnicos marched him out of the Easton Funplex in the style of pallbearers without a coffin, I could tell something was wrong. Then the next day, word spread that he had indeed been lost to history. Vengeance for Kobald was summoned, but it has not yet been claimed. Then, the man who'd become known as Deucalion turned his rage inward and broke deviANT at the knee for failing to live up to the standards set forth by forces who may or may not be known to the Chikaraverse at this point. Of course, the last remaining member of The Swarm was no great loss, but his defeat showed the capacity for barbarism that the cybernetic weapon of The Flood held was far greater than anyone could have imagined.

Then last night, in Boston, the greatest blow had been stricken. The White Ship of Peace had been sunken off the coast of Cape Cod. The Hammer of Peace now has no holder. The Estonian Thunder Frog was rent asunder at the hands of Deucalion and his lethal chokebreaker. To say this loss is titanic would be an understatement. Even in his short career, the Thunder Frog made such a large impact on myself and many other fans that he had become an indelible part of the firmament. Losing him feels almost as bad as I imagine losing Fire Ant or Hallowicked would be. The Flood is out of control and must be stopped at all costs.

If you would like to read a more heartfelt sendoff to the Thunder Frog, please read friend of the blog De O'Brien and her elegy. It will touch you right in your soul.