Thursday, July 17, 2014

Preview: ACW's From Innocence to Insanity 8

ACH is back in ACW, even if it's just for one show!
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
Anarchy Championship Wrestling is coming off its annual Queen of Queens Tournament to crown the best joshi in America (or the best in Central Texas on that particular date and time), which so happened to be Su Yung thanks to OODLES of help from The Business. This month, things are going to be slightly different, as From Innocence to Insanity 8 is being called the “Most Violent Event of the Year.” I think it would have been amazing had last month’s joshi-heavy show been given that tagline.

As it is, this show just may well still live up to its hype, although only four matches have been announced. That’s fairly typical for an ACW show, so a lot of people may be going out of habit or going based on their reputation for delivering good shows. The main thing with the four matches that have been announced, at least three of them have a little build behind them, which is a nice change from a lot of matches from this particular company.

But it’s better to announce a small handful of matches that actually will happen rather than ten matches where half of them are changed. “Card is subject to change,” is an added disclaimer for a reason. It just sucks when you’re looking forward to a particular matchup and either someone no-shows or things just get changed up with no advanced warning.

Here’s a rundown of what we know:

ACW Heavyweight Championship: "Infamous" Shawn Vexx vs ACH

Hey, ACH is back! That’s super cool, because ACH is quite amazing at this wrestling thing. That said… why? I will never complain about getting to see ACH, but why’s he getting a title shot? What happened with Thomas Shire and Carson? Two months ago a triple threat for the title was set up, and while it not happening at Queen of Queens made sense, why is it not happening now? Was it dropped? Were there simply just scheduling conflicts? Are they not going to work for ACW anymore?

It’s like they are trying to implement some long-term planning, but they don’t quite have the commitments from everyone to make that happen. Of course, it could just simply be a matter of not being able to get the schedules worked out, and that happens with people who are trying to make a living in this crazy profession and are traveling all over the country. It happens. Now, why is ACH waltzing in and getting a shot? Well, why not? If you’re going to be able to squeeze in an ACH appearance between all his other bookings, might as well make it worth it.

On the surface, it feels like all the drama is lost given that ACH is no longer a regular (more a once- or twice-a-year special attraction). So, what can we expect from this matchup? Well, with ACH involved it should be a barn-burner. And, perhaps, we’ll get the makings of a serious, on-going challenger for Vexx afterwards.

My only hope is that it’s not the Main Event. ACW has had a few too many low-stakes headlining matches. Yeah, it’s for the Title, but there’s no meat to it. Instead, headline with this...

No Rope Barbwire Match: Jack Jameson vs Scot Summers

Out of the matches announced, this one has the most heat behind it. The fans are behind Jack Jameson, who has been doing everything he can to prove that he belongs at the top of ACW. He lost a hell of a fight with Summers a few months back, taking a shit-kicking and continuing to get up to take more punishment. (Ed. Note: The ol' Tommy Dreamer method!)  He parlayed that performance into a shot at Vexx’s title, and while he came up short, he didn’t give up (even though I wasn’t a big fan of the match itself). Last month, he was jumped and eliminated from a gauntlet match for a Hardcore Championship match by Lil’ Tony, who had a message from Summers.

Not sure where their affiliation came from (outside of from thin air, and also because of the barren roster, he seemed the most logical choice), but I doubt it will continue. The proposal was a No Rope Barbwire Match, where the ropes would be replaced completely with barbed wire, like in ECW.

This one will likely be bloody immediately. I’m interested to see what exactly Jameson can do in this environment. He’s had some hardcore battles before (the aforementioned match with Summers; his bloody brawl with Angel Blue that saw him fall from the balcony and lose his beard), but this is a little different. Plus, Summers has all the experience in this situation.

Hopefully, even if he fails, Jameson hangs in there and battles until his death (not literally). They seem pretty gung-ho on elevating him to the upper echelon, so this is a big opportunity for him. I may have liked to have seen some other people move up the ladder first, but I’m not fretting, because I like Jameson, and at least it’s someone new.

Lumberjack Staple Gun Match: Jason Silver vs Sky De Lamicrosa

There’s a pretty lengthy backstory to this match and feud, but I don’t know a whole hell of a lot of it. I know they used to be partners, but then Silver split off and became a fan favorite with his death-defying stunts (literally, he almost kills himself once per show). This will be a match where the fans are given staple guns at ringside, which does not seem like a good idea at all, especially with alcohol involved (maybe put this at the top of the show?).

I’m not too certain if that means the fans get to use them when either Silver or Sky leave the ring, or if they just hold them until one of the guys gets a hankering for flesh stapling. Either way, it’ll be cringe-worthy. de Lacrimosa was in a staple gun match last year against Jeff Gant, where they stapled dollar bills to one another. Gant was victorious then, so I’m sure SDL is hoping for better luck this time.

Speaking of Gant, he once had a relationship with these guys as well, so he could get involved, although probably only if SDL’s partner Killah Kash makes an appearance. He has been absent lately, as they really dropped the ball following his upset win over ACH last year. It should have propelled him to at least some sort of title shot. More often than not, he’s been involved in the ever-rotating four team scramble matches, which never led to anything.

The only thing I know for sure, is that I will not be watching as the actual stapling takes place, because I do not like when things poke through skin. I’m deathly afraid of needles for this reason.

Toy Chest Deathmatch: JC Bravo vs Stan "The Sinner" Summers

Last month, JC Bravo claimed to be sober from his heroin (not alcohol, ‘cause a man can only quit so many things at once), but he ended up turning on his buddy and Lil’ Crazy tag team partner, Stan Summers. Toy chests will be placed around the ring with a variety of weapons and toys inside. I morbidly hope Bravo's heroin addiction plays into the finish, but hopefully, it will be in a way that puts it to bed as a character trope.

What Else Is Going To Happen:

Your guess is truly as good as mine. It’s hard to say for sure what will transpire when we only know, for certain, that eight wrestlers are going to be there. I would say there’s a possibility of a Hardcore Title defense from Barrett Brown. It being the “Most Violent Event of the Year” would lead one to think so, anyhow. I would imagine Jeff Gant will get in on the fun and defend the U-30 Championship.

There could be a Tag Team Championship match, if Paul London is in town. If not, perhaps Darin Childs could have something brewing with River City Wrestling, as he did capture their International Championship at the last show. I'm not sure if there are even plans to do any cross-promotional work between ACW and RCW, but I wouldn't be surprised given the sniping back and forth that's existed for a couple of years now.

Will we see the continuation of The Business being scoundrels again? I’m sure Jojo Bravo will be there and probably Angel Blue. Not sure about Ricky Romida, as he missed a rare show last month. Chris Trew, too, if he has things going down in Austin. Su Yung and Thomas Shire are the harder ones to pin down. It would be nice to see the story between Yung and Athena continue.

Speaking of the women, would be a shame if they all but disappeared after their showcase show last month. Sure, the freelancers won’t be back, but it would be nice to have some hardcore women’s action. Why let the men have all the fun?

But, really, it’s up in the air as to what else will happen and who will be there. It’s becoming harder and harder to tell just who is apart of ACW anymore. But we’ll see this Sunday, the 20th, at the Mohawk in downtown Austin, TX at 6:00pm!

(Card is subject to change.)