Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So, TNA Is Going to Japan for Its Biggest Show This Year

Graphics via ImpactWrestling.com
The latest in the Dixie Carter Series of Earth-Shaking Announcements Regarding TNA actually lived up to the normally empty hype behind such missives from the main TNA office. The company's landmark show, Bound for Glory, will emanate from legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on October 12. The announcement was made jointly by Carter and legendary wrestler and current WRESTLE-1 bigwig Keiji Mutoh, hinting at some crossover between the two companies. This event will mark the first non-foreign audience exclusive American wrestling pay-per-view to be held overseas since WWE ran SummerSlam '92 at Wembley Stadium in London. No other details have been released, but I would assume the show would be telecast on tape delay. Common logic dictates that in an Internet-driven instant results society, tape delay is the kiss of death. However, TNA's buyrates are not rumored to be all that great anyway, and having spoilers leak may actually entice people to buy the show at the last minute.

Regardless of details, having the flagship show in Japan is a risky move. However, TNA is long gone from being able to compete with WWE. Right now, it has to worry about not only Ring of Honor nipping at its heels, but also Global Force Wrestling emerging. Both companies have working relationships with New Japan Pro Wrestling, arguably the only wrestling promotion in the world on the same level as WWE in terms of ability to promote and funds available. From an artistic standpoint, however, this move is perhaps the best way for TNA to differentiate its biggest show of the year from the other PPV events. While the crowd won't be as raucous as it would have been had it been held in England, the possibility of The Great Muta, Tajiri, and other WRESTLE-1 talent spicing up the show that will presumably include the big BFG Series winner vs. TNA World Champion main event could make this show a can't-miss.