Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Solo Darling and Delilah Doom Promo for Their Match in the Most Adorably Amusing Way Possible

Inspire Pro Wrestling's No Turning Back, the second show featuring the XX-Division (read, the company's women's roster), emanates live from the Marchesa Theater in Austin, TX on July 27. As with any show featuring women in Texas, the show is loaded, but the best-promoted match to date happens to be one cut and pasted from the best possible e-fed out there. Solo Darling is making her way to Texas for the first time. Delilah Doom just wants to FOCUS UP and get her ass in gear. What this repartee lacks in enmity, it more than makes up for in kitschy humor. I would call it "cute," but I'm sure both Darling and Doom could kick my ass, so I don't want to diminutize their efforts here. Anyway, both promos, after the jump, are more than worth watching.