Friday, July 18, 2014

The Polling Place: Intercontinental Battle Royal, Sting, The Number Two Promotion in America

All about that hardware up top
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Welcome to this week's Polling Place, where I ask the questions and you vote on the answers. First up, Battleground is upcoming on Sunday, and one of the biggest matches, both in terms of importance and number of competitors, is the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royale. Jack Swagger injured the former Champ, RED BELLY Wade Barrett before Money in the Bank, and now his title is vacant. Twenty men will enter, but only one will exit as Champion. Who ya got?

Second, Sting finally bit the bullet and came into the WWE fold preliminarily through a commercial for the new video game, WWE 2K15. An interview conducted by TMZ revealed he has a desire to wrestle for the company, which would make him the final holdout of the old WCW standbys to enter a WWE ring. However, his final runs in TNA weren't all that spectacular, and he's only getting older. Which side of the fence are you on when it comes to Sting actually wrestling in a match?

Finally, even with its massive financial losses recently, WWE remains the top wrestling company in the United States (and Canada), but the battle for number two is almost as fierce as the old Monday Night Wars were back in the day. TNA ostensibly has the inside track thanks to having the widest television distribution, but its live gates are lagging. Meanwhile, Ring of Honor had some good numbers on its first foray into live, traditional pay-per-view. The two companies compete for talent voraciously, but are they fighting the right battle? Global Force Wrestling hasn't put on a single card yet, but Jeff Jarrett and co. are building something intriguing, taking their time before putting anything rash out. And then New Japan Pro Wrestling has a sizable presence in North America with pay-per-view, which thankfully will continue after Ustream gets out of the iPPV game. Who do you think is the true biggest of the rest in America?