Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Rikishi's Double-Cross Insurance

Haku or Meng or whatever name you want to call him was not only a badass in character, but in real life he had a rep for busting skulls. No one messed with him in the locker room, which makes me wonder if this week's segment was a nod to real life. Rikishi was set to take on The Rock on this edition of RAW in a match with stipulations for an upcoming match at stake, stipulations that would favor one Triple H. Trips tried to get Rikishi to take a dive, but Papa Uso wasn't having any of it. Trips thought he'd sneak attack him while he was tying his boots, but fortuitously, one Haku walked right through the door. I'd turn and walk away too.

This week's inspiration comes from @djvecellio, former Penn State blogger and current meteorologist in training. His forecast if you mess with Meng? PAIN.