Thursday, July 24, 2014

TWB Retro Live Tweet Recap: WCW Sin

You poor, sweet man
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Last night, an intimate but intrepid group of TWB readers and Tweeters got together and watched the third-to-last pay-per-view event in World Championship Wrestling history, Sin. This group sat through the beautiful trainwreck that was end-of-days WCW and got to see some breathtaking cruiserweight action, more of Reno in one night than is recommended by the Surgeon General in a year, TWO doses of Michael Buffer's overblown ring announcing, and the aftermath of an injury too horrific not to edit out. Like I thought, the show wasn't a complete abomination, but it had the hallmarks of post-Starrcade '96 WCW all over it: plodding old farts clogging the main events, senseless overbooking, and the younger, hungrier wrestlers busting their asses for what would amount to a whole lot of nothing. Of course, watching the event was half the game. The other half? YOUR TWEETS! The following list contains the best of the show:

(Full disclosure: I had forgotten this event contained Sid's ghastly, career-ending injury.)

(in reference to Reno)

(in reference to DDP and Kevin Nash stretching in a backstage segment)

Overall, another strong performance was had by the TWB Tweeting Public. Thanks for joining me on my intrepid quest to watch late-WCW, and I swear, it won't be another four months for the next one. If you want a hint about August's show, well, I would like to take a trip across the pond for a show that aired for English eyes only...