Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alberto del Rio Future Endeavored

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Alberto del Rio has been released from WWE. The article on the website cites only "unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee." The announcement came so suddenly and ahead of any news of said altercation, but then again, WWE is touring Australia this week. News can move slow from the Land Down Under. However, if I can guess one thing, it's that del Rio didn't get into this altercation with another wrestler. Scrapes happen backstage from time to time, and no one gets fired. Even now, in times of financial troubles for the company, it feels unlikely he'd get axed for hitting another male wrestler. But someone in charge, a producer, or a woman all sound like headaches WWE wouldn't want to deal with. Then again, who the fuck knows anymore.

Anyway, del Rio leaving WWE has been rumored for at least a year now, but being fired over an "altercation" was not how anyone predicted it would go down. He used to work in Mexico as Dos Caras, Jr., and I'm sure if he wanted to go back to his home country, he'd be welcomed with open arms, especially since AAA is opening up an American arm soon. Global Force Wrestling also seems like a logical landing point for him if he doesn't retire. Everything is so up in the air right now because of the immediacy of the story that I have no idea what to project.

Anyway, del Rio was spinning wheels in WWE anyway, so creatively, this move may come as a godsend for his career. However, I'm not sure how much money he'll command elsewhere. So who knows how del Rio will welcome the move. Either way, I was not expecting this news to break on a Thursday night.