Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Break Out the Sugar and Hide Your Magnifying Glasses, the Colony's In

Ants! In my pants! Err, I mean my tourney!
Graphics via @CHIKARAPro

The rightful 2011 Chikara King of Trios Champions are in the tournament. Actually, this Colony is slightly different from the one that bested Team FIST to cap off perhaps the best weekend of wrestling that I have ever experienced. Worker Ant 2.0 replaces Soldier Ant, and Green Ant has evolved into Silver Ant. Still, what's a Chikara tournament without ants crawling around? While I doubt the Colony: Original Recipe will be the only set of formidicae in the proceedings, these three mighty mat mites will be the best. Sorry Missile! Assault! Ant!

The ants have to be considered nominal favorites to win, although the group would be facing steep odds. No trio has ever won multiple tournaments. Regardless, I'd expect a first round win at the very least and some kind of climactic event that diverts them away from the final day and towards either the tag gauntlet or some kind of skirmish in the tecnicos vs. The Flood war. The Colony will join the Spirit Squad, Spectral Envoy, and Team UK in the tournament thus far.