Monday, August 11, 2014

Breaking News: Chris Hero's Weight Still None of Your Damn Business

Photo via @seancsloan

So Chris Hero gained some weight between the time he was released from WWE and Friday night's appearance for EVOLVE. What does the weight gain mean to you, the fan? Absolutely nothing. Hero's weight is between him and his doctor, and surprise surprise, despite looking more like Bray Wyatt and less like the Kassius Ohno who rocked the house with William Regal early last year, his match against Drew Galloway (McIntyre) was reputed to have been really good. At best, openly worrying about Hero's weight is concern-trolling, and at worst, it's fat-shaming. Neither are good looks for anyone.

Your value as a human being is not tied to your body mass. If Chris Hero wants to carry the extra pounds, he's within his right. Even worse, if Hero is gaining weight because of a physical or psychological condition, then anyone making backhanded claims about his mass are talking shit about someone whose condition is beyond his control. Basically, leave Hero's weight to himself. He'll deal with it. Leave your criticisms of him to his performance in the ring.